26 October 2014

Sunday Something 001 : Change is Good

Sometimes in life we go off on a tangent and forget what it important to us. Recently, as in the last 7 or so months this has become apparent to me. At the beginning of the year I went through a breakup and it knocked me for six. My life took a nosedive quickly and I am only just starting to pick myself up. 

In the last month I have lost two people in my life and it has put everything into perspective. Life is short and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend it moping over people who clearly don't care about me or over things that really are trivial. I have changed myself once before to become a person that I liked and I am embarking on that journey once more. Change isn't always a bad thing. It's a chance to grow and become better. 

P.S I will be posting something a long these lines every Sunday. A little pick me up after a bad week or a positive thought to start your week on.

03 October 2014

Flamingo Land

A spontaneous yes to a day trip can be very good for your health indeed.

Normally I am someone who would run a mile at spending the day with a group of people I don't really know. Not because I don't like them but because I am still really shy. A few people from work asked me if I'd like to go to Flamingo Land with them. Considering what I just said I instantly replied with YES! 

I'm at a point in my life where I feel the need for a change and one of the ways I am doing this is by doing things I wouldn't normally do. This being one of them. Anyway, I had a fantastic day even though it absolutely poured down with rain. As you can see I enjoyed the zoo section the most.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the journey there. We traveled through the Yorkshire Moors which is a place I have never been before. It is absolutely breath taking and yet you can't help bring to mind that this is also the resting place to the victims of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. But I'll remember the beauty of the place rather than the notoriety.

29 September 2014

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107

Boots - £5.49

This lipstick seems to have been around forever and yet as with everything that is surrounded with hype I just didn't buy it. I took the plunge very recently as I wanted a matte red lipstick. I had swatched various colour including a red from the Revlon Matte Balm range but none of the reds I looked at would suit my colouring. 

From some recess of my mind I remembered that Zoe (Zoella) had mentioned this in a video quite sometime ago. It suited her really well and she said that it would suit all skin tones. And boy was she right. I love this colour! It's a deep red with plum undertones which is what I think makes it so versatile. I've worn this both during the day and on nights out. 

If you like me haven't tried this one I suggest you go out and buy it. You may even come away with the holy grail of red lipsticks.